The Truth About Dallas County Tickets

Dallas County Tickets

Dallas County Tickets - You might be hearing a lot about Dallas County Tickets and you might have received one recently, yet you fail to grasp the full meaning behind it or maybe you don’t know enough about it.

Here are a few basic questions and information that you might want to know.

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"One question could be I missed my court date, what should I do now?" Well either you pay your fine; post a cash bond usually in the amount of the fine or you can hire an attorney.

Another might be, "How can I get reinstated if I was [laced on Part-pay or work release or community service?" Well look for judicial authorization.

Another frequently asked question is: "Can I pay my ticket before my court appearance which is today?" The answer is yes.

Also if you need a 30 day extension to pay your fine, you should appear in person with an acceptable form of photo identification at the 2014 Main Street, 1st floor Dallas, Texas and enter a plea of no contest or guilty within 21 days since the ticket has been issued. If you don’t want to do so then you will need to request for a court date.

"If I receive Dallas County Tickets and my option is to choose a driver safety course and deferred disposition for dismissing it what should I pick?" What is the difference between the two?

Well the difference is for the driver safety course there is no probationary day or month but the requirements should be that you must plead guilty or no contest. Plus Documents such as Driving safety course certification, driving record and an affidavit are required. Plus you need to pay $112.10 or $137.10 if it is within a school zone.

Meanwhile for a deferred disposition there is a probationary month of 6 months, you should also pay the required deferred fee. Plus some documents will be required like in the driver course.

After that you might ask "Is there a difference between the guilty and no contest?"

Well yes there’s a difference, if a defendant pleads a no contest to the charges then, the result verdict cannot be used against that person if a civil suit is filed. It is not an admission of guilt or pleading guilty.

These are but basic information but knowing them doesn’t hurt. And in the long run this might help you in your case or in dealing with your attorney and your Dallas County Tickets.

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