Dallas District Attorney Services

Dallas District Attorney

Dallas District Attorney Services: The following is a list pertaining to the Dallas DA services and what benefits they can give you.

1. Sexual Assault Unit provides offense-specific collaborative approach prosecution. This unit works closely with law enforcement agencies and other agencies that provide medical and rehabilitation service for the victims.

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2. The Gang Unit provides community protection against gang-related crimes. Community events are venues for the unit to participate and educate people on gang awareness and prevention.

3. Memo of Agreement is provided for those who are first-timers in the criminal justice system. First-time offenders with misdemeanor cases are usually issued the Memo of Agreement.

4. Impact Offender Program seeks to expedite trials of repeat offenders like burglars and robbers. These are people who commit multiple offenses, and have been into the criminal justice system numerous times despite rehabilitation and reform.

5. Check Division and ID fraud provides effective investigation and prosecution of those committing identity theft, fraud and bad check issuance.

6. The Child Abuse Unit provides investigation and prosecution of offenders committing crimes against children including death. They work closely with relatives and agencies providing child protection, therapy and family counseling to ensure that justice is served.

7. The Civil Division offers expert representation in civil lawsuits involving matters such as personal injury, property damage, civil rights, contract disputes, condemnations, mental health commitments, etc.

8. The Conviction Integrity Unit included in the Dallas district attorney services is the first of its kind in the country. It investigates and prosecutes old cases where evidence might show different perpetrators or additional ones.

9. The Family Violence Division is currently made up of 3 units: Protective Order Unit, Misdemeanor Unit, and Felony Unit. They seek to improve the safety of the victims of family violence. This division trains law enforcement officers to acquire a specialized knowledge on family violence. Training is held on an ongoing basis to meet the requirement of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE).

10. The Federal Section provides highly skilled legal advice and representation on federal civil suits and administrative claims brought against elected officials and employees of the Dallas county government. The section aims to protect public interest of responsible government.

11. The Felony Trial Division is responsible for the prosecution of cases involving serious crimes punishable by incarceration or by death.

12. The Intake/Grand Jury Division is responsible for reviewing all criminal cases file by law enforcement agencies and officers including federal authorities. They provide legal education to different law enforcement agencies to ensure that only high quality and appropriate cases are filed.

There are other Dallas district attorney services available through their various division and units. The aim of the Dallas District Attorney office is to provide the public with expert and quality services to prosecute offenders and crime prevention.

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