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Dallas Family Lawyer - You can’t solve a problem, if you don’t basically know what the cause is. The same thing is true when you need a good Dallas Family Attorney, you should know what your case will be all about so you can choose a family lawyer that has enough experience to help you.

He should answer your questions professionally, concerning your negotiations, he should be agreeable with a fee agreement in writing. Look for another one, if he doesn’t seem willing enough to work with you.

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Types of Services & Cases Handled by a Dallas Family Lawyer:


- Child residence

- Pre/post nuptial agreements

- Child support

- Pre action procedures

- Custody

- Pre relationship procedures

- Visitation rights

- Relationship breakdown separations

- Juvenile dependency and delinquency

- Property settlements

- Consent orders

- Domestic violence

- Divorce

- Shared parenting 

- Marital property rights

- Spousal support 

- Inheritance

- Injunctions 

- Contact agreements

- Paternity rights 

- Other family law dispute 


How much will it generally cost you? A Family Lawyer also chooses his payment process, which you’ll have to settle in your negotiations with your chosen lawyer. It could be in hourly rates, generally naming the amount for every hour your lawyer will work your case.

Retainers are more like having an advance payment but it still governs the same hourly charge. While contingent fees are those which only asks for a percentage of the settlement of money judgment. Cost will generally vary depending on the location, experience of the lawyer and the type of case being settled.

It could vary from $ 50 – $ 1, 000 per hour, wherein rural areas could range a $ 100 - $ 200 per hour and a $ 200 - $ 400 per hour rate is true to metropolitan areas. The court costs, filing fees, delivery charges, secretariat time and additional support staff are also included.

Minimizing the overall cost will also present as problem, but keep in mind that a Family Lawyer that is more experienced in different cases in the court will make lesser mistakes and can accomplish the task for the first trial and thus would need lesser payment, compared to a family lawyer that is less experienced.

A Dallas Family Lawyer will not only help you out in your case but will also willingly work the case for you not just for his income but because he would want your case to be solved.

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