Fees of Dallas Immigration Lawyers

Dallas Immigration Lawyers

Dallas Immigration Lawyers - Immigration fees can be categorized into three distinct sets. The first one is the necessary application filing fees.

The second category is the immigration attorney fees, the necessary burdens to be paid accordingly to the lawyer engaged to petition the court on the client’s behalf.

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Thirdly, the incidental or ancillary fees that come along with the institution of the suit. These are operational costs for services rendered by the agency tasked or part o the process system that your application has to pass through.

A Dallas immigration Attorney, may or may not enlist the 1st and 3rd categories as part of the processing package, but is personally and professionally expected to require the client to pay the 2nd category.

Fees of a Dallas Immigration Attorney may greatly or slightly vary depending on the amount of work required by the cause of the client or the nature of the job needed to be performed by the immigration lawyer. The initial fee, known as consultation fee varies from firm to firm but most immigration firm offers consultation for a fee of $ 40-$75.

Acceptance fees also vary, on account of the nature of the case and the social standing of the immigration lawyer contracted for the client’s representation. Some immigration lawyers, when contracted allow the client to avail of flexible payment plans when payment in full amount becomes a burden or is financially impractical on the part of the client.

The standard rate for family bases-immigration causes are; family green card is $3,500-4,200; fiancé (e) visa/green card for $1,700 - $2,300; naturalization proceedings - $1500-$2500.

While the charging for the employment based immigration cases are; for work visa - $900 - $1200/for labor conditioned application and $300-$500 for application for family members; PERM labor Certification - $ 2600 – $3500; Green Card application -$ 1700 - $2500.

All of the above fees exclude government filing fees. Visa processing fees, and similar incidental costs, necessary to forward or elevate the case to the proper forum.

Assistance during a USCIS interview would warrant a $200/hour as complementary fee for the services rendered. Fees of Dallas Immigration Lawyers are set to a minimum and uniform application that must be observed and complied with by immigration law firms

Immigration fees may be al little high for the working class immigrant but the non-availability of the funds for the fees does not preclude a Dallas Immigration lawyer to take the case of a client, since most firms offer flexible payment plans for the underclass and requires a minimal deposit of 25% of the total amount of the Immigration fees needed to be provided for the movement of the case.

Fees of Dallas Immigration Lawyers are hardly unconscionable and inofficious, they are at times reasonable and cost friendly.

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