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Dallas Patent Attorney - Do you have an invention or an idea that’s more than the average of the things and theories you have encountered, let’s say for the last twenty years you can remember? Would you want it to be patented?

Then you’ll need a Patent Attorney to file an application, you’re probably asking why you’d need one, when you could file the patent application yourself.

A patent is a legal document describing an invention, this gives the owner certain rights, like making, selling and using the invention.

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A patent is one example of an intellectual property (others are copy right, trademark and trade secrets) but unlike in copyright an invention will only be considered legally yours when you have applied for a patent in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

However, to ensure that your invention is really secure and it does not have any loopholes, you will need a Dallas Patent Attorney to assist you in the whole navigation process.

A patent attorney will represent clients in obtaining a patent for his invention, matters and procedures that are related to patent law are also practiced by this type of attorney. He should have a technical degree and passed the US Patent and Trademark Office exam. Dallas is one of the places here in USA that has the most number of patent attorneys (agents).

A Dallas Patent Attorney may either specialize in patent litigation or prosecution, because either of the two will occupy enough time of the lawyer that he will not be able to attend to both. Patent litigation is a process where your patent attorney will have to file the lawsuit to make the patent rights legally yours.

A patent prosecution is where your attorney thinks of a way to convince the USPTO to finally grant the patent, rather than wait for the 2 – 3 years of gap where your application haven’t been read or opened yet, just like thousands of others who have applied for a patent without hiring a patent attorney.

Hiring a patent attorney will help you in the application process, to explain and let you understand what the real point in securing a patent is. Once your invention is already patented, no one will be able to re-make, re-name or sell your invention without your permission.

With a secured patent and a Dallas Patent Attorney behind your back you can file a lawsuit against a person who either does those things. However, don’t forget that it’s not as easy as it seems, you should chose a good patent attorney to have lesser risks in losing your invention.

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Services of a Dallas Patent Attorney

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