5 Steps to Beating Dallas Traffic Tickets

Dallas Traffic Tickets

Dallas Traffic Tickets - Getting Dallas County Traffic Tickets really sucks. This is not an understatement. A lot of drivers nowadays seem to be getting tickets one after the other. Not only is it a waste of money but time also. Imagine getting a ticket and having your license suspended.

This causes a lot of trouble for you, right? Not only did you gain an additional bill to pay but now you have to take the bus or a cab to go where you need to go. Sigh! Plus it would be another addition to your bills and troubles.

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So what can you do to beat your traffic tickets?

Here Are 5 Steps to Beating Dallas Traffic Tickets!

1. The first and could be the most crucial part is to pay attention. This means remembering and documenting all the specific details about the traffic stop. By doing so, you can help your attorney figure out a way for him to assist you. Necessary details would be every statement and question that the officer made.

These means you have to jot down every word the officer made as soon as possible and remember everything. Also jot down every word and statement you said, where you were going, what time are you supposed to be there where you are going, the volume of the traffic at that time, your location when you noticed the officer.

2. You also need to remember the location where you stopped your car, the contours and grade of the road and the other conditions involved like the debris or weather at that time, signs on the road, amount of daylight, time of the day and etc.

3. The next step would be to obtain a copy of your driving record. The driving record or also known as the Transcript of Driver History Record can be obtained and should be taken with you when you have your initial consultation with your traffic ticket attorney.

If you are licensed from another state or have been licensed in another state any time in the past 5 years, then you should get your copy of your driving record from that state.

The next step would be to consider enrolling in a driving course. Enrolling in and completing a qualified driving course before your trial can give you certain benefits. Successful completion of the driving course can help your attorney to negotiate a reduction on your charges from a criminal misdemeanor to a simple traffic violation.

But you have to remember that before you enroll in a certain driving course, you have to consult your lawyer and have him asses if by doing so can help you in your specific Dallas Traffic Tickets situation and case.

Next would be to consider vehicle speed calibration. On some cases, the cars speedometer underestimates the speed it is travelling. Vehicle calibration is performed by certain automotive technicians. If the result indicates that your speedometer did underestimate the speed, then your attorney can use these as a part of his negotiation for your case.

Lastly is to schedule a consultation with an experienced traffic ticket attorney before your trial date. You don’t have to worry about the fee. Most reputable attorneys don’t charge for initial consultations. Just remember to bring anything that would be necessary and helpful to the attorney. These are the 5 simple steps to help you beat your Dallas Traffic Tickets.

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