Divorce Attorney Dallas FAQs

Divorce Attorney Dallas

Divorce Attorney Dallas FAQs - Divorce is the process of terminating marriage and thereby calling off all duties legally. Common grounds are adultery or infidelity, violence, addiction or irreconcilable differences.

Here are several frequently asked questions thrown at divorce attorney Dallas state.

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Q: What is the first step in filing a divorce?

A: Filing for a divorce should start by a decision of any or both parties to dissolute their marriage. The petitioner fills out a Petition for Divorce and submits it to the proper court. The petition is a letter stating the reason/s for wanting a divorce and the terms and conditions of the petitioner.

Q: How long will it take to process a divorce case?

A: Usually, it takes a minimum of 60 days before the court can grant divorce. This period is often referred to as cooling off. It is the stage where the couples are given the opportunity to have reconciliation. Marriage counseling is often considered during this waiting time.

Q: Does it matter whoever files the petition first?

A: There is no significant difference if the husband or the wife brings out the case to the court. It will not give any negative implication to the person who made the first move. The only advantage of initiating the move is the opportunity to talk about it first. However, if the ground for filing a divorce is violence, the victim should file the petition first. This is a very heavy ground in granting the divorce and to put an end to any further harm.

Q: How much does it cost to file a divorce case?

A: A divorce cost will be based on the amount of time and effort extended by the divorce attorney Dallas state. Other factors in determining the cost are the intricacy of the grounds, level of involvedness, location of the case and other factors needed to be overcome in order for the attorney to represent his clients.

Q: What is an agreed divorce?

A: An agreed divorce or uncontested divorce on law term, is where both parties come up to a terms about their divorce settlement without any court involvement. The only involvement the lawyer has is to file the petition to the court and draft the final ruling about the case.

Q: Can I do the processing of the divorce myself?

A: Yes but if you do not have any ample amount of information about the whole divorce process, you might not get the dissolution that you want. A divorce attorney Dallas is familiar with the whole procedure.

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